Energetic Engagement

Take the Engagement Test and build more energy, excitement and enthusiasm in your workplace, with tools and training to build resilience and brilliance for everyday success, and give a motivational boost.

Why this matters

Engaged staff deliver better for you. People will want to work for you, they will buy into to what you stand for, give their best and be positive brand ambassadors too. At the heart of engagement is a belief that to deliver great services means developing the connection people have with their work, their managers and their communities. And in today’s world of tough financial times, yet greater expectations and demands, it’s only organisations with the openness to involve staff in the challenges ahead that will really keep their employees turned on, not just turning up.

I can help with

  • Developing and interpreting staff surveys to track engagement
  • Running focus groups with your people and taking the Engagement Test
  • Delivering training to your staff and managers to build motivation and morale, energy and enthusiam
  • Advising on the organisational building blocks for engagement on leadership, plans, wellbeing and communications