Why 3F?

3F stands for Fun, Freedom and Fame, and reflects my approach to life, what motivates me and what I do.

  • Fun Life is too short not to be happy and enjoying it to the full. And I bring my sense of fun to the workplace – it’s part of what makes for happier and engaged staff
  • Freedom I’ve always valued having the freedom to choose what I do. That’s why I believe in the power of coaching to help people find their best path and contribute their best to the organisation.
  • Fame I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to be recognised and appreciated. And I believe in helping people and organisations to communicate well and get more credit for what they do.

Why work with 3F?

Because I bring these values into working with you, whether that’s in one to ones, small groups or large team building and training sessions. I’ll work with you to put in tailored approaches based on your needs, and leave you with lasting improvements.